12 10 / 2011

Some student work my friend Nicholas helped me photograph.

The top two pictures are of a booklet I did for TOMS shoes. It was meant to display a lifestyle rather than actually sell the product, hence no prices.
*I do not own ANY of the photos used in the booklet. I understand, as students, we are told to not use any photos that are not ours, but it was never used for anything other than an assignment. Credit was given in the back pages of the book as to who the photos belong to and further information about the brand. PLEASE DON’T SUE ME :)

The bottom two are photos of my business card! It has an awesome layering effect that I am very proud of, as I did it all by hand.

Both projects I used textured Canson art paper. I also printed and constructed both myself. The business cards are made of 4 sheets of cardstock, 2 cream and 2 teal (for the middle layers) and printed on separately. They were then heat fused together and cut out. 

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